Thursday, July 12, 2007

Biking to work, thanks to Al Gore and Live Earth.

I was inspired by the Live Earth event. So much has been written about it that I won't elaborate. Suffice it to say that Live Earth inspired at least one person (me) to start thinking differently about getting to work.

I commute about 6 miles to work one way. It occurred me after signing the Live Earth pledge that, hey, if the weather is nice, its not too windy, rain is not expected and I don't have to pick up the kids -- I could bike into work and save a gallon of gas in the Mountaineer. So far I've had 3 recent opportunities to ride the bike.

Without going too hardcore too fast, Live Earth challenged me to look at what I could be doing. What little steps can I take right now, today, tomorrow, to do just a tiny bit. If its easy and fun, I should be doing it. Eventually, I'll find the strength and will to do the hard things. And so my journey has begun with this baby step.

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