Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When can I buy a Chevy Volt?

I've been reading, watching, and waiting for the Chevy Volt to come to market for years now. Will this be the year I finally realize my dream of owning a practical electric car? It seems that my elusive dream will once again slip into the future another year. GM won't ramp up production until late 2010, and then they will offer the Volt in only a few select locations, Minnesota not being one of them. So Perhaps 2011 or 2012.... or Never?

Meanwhile, I am paying close attention to the Nissan Leaf. It looks like a great little car, but the range is a problem for me. The Volt's range would work much better for me, as I have a daily commute of about 90 miles round trip. I could nearly do the entire inbound trip with the Volt on an electric charge, and then back again after recharging. Ditching my Mountaineer for a Volt would save me nearly $16 per day, or more than $300 per month with $3 gasoline.

I'm holding tight to my intention of not purchasing another gas vehicle. My 2004Mercury Maintainer is showing is age. But I'll drive it another 20 years if I have to.