Friday, April 23, 2010

Offshore drilling and exploding oil platforms... just say no

Drill baby, drill! That annoying shrill cry of Sarah Palin resonates like manicured finger nails on a chalkboard.

President Obama has shown himself to be a big too pragmatic when it comes to offshore drilling. Now in Louisiana comes a stark sinking reminder why we have not permitted it for so long.

Predictably, the oil industry assures that technology has advanced to the point where we no longer need be concerned about a single drop of oil polluting our shores. Lies from fools.

Offshore drilling pollutes our shores and waters, pollutes our air, and contributes to what even George W. acknowledged as our "addiction to oil." Nothing good comes from offshore drilling; it simply maintains the status quo and does no long term good for America or humanity.

President Obama, this latest episode of offshore drilling horror must open your eyes. Stop reaching out to the Repulicans, the party of no... They'll never vote for a progressive agenda anyway. Don't give Sarah Palin and her lunatic fringe a victory. Permanently close American shores and pristine wilderness areas to offshore drilling now. On this issue, the Democrats should be the party of "No."