Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 - Will I Finally be able to buy a Chevy Volt This Year?

I've been waiting years to get a Chevy Volt. I started following this story around 2007, and have watched the car go from concept, to almost total elimination in GM's bankruptcy, to a reality. Still, the Volt is not scheduled to be in show rooms in my area until 2012. I hope that means that the 2012 models will be in Minnesota sometime in late 2011, rather than late 2012.

Meanwhile, my 2004 Mercury Mountaineer is beginning to show its age. I've held off buying a new car on the hopes that my next car will be a Volt. I like the Nissan Leaf and the new electric Ford Focus, but I live in the countryside. A round trip to the city for me is 100 miles, which the Leaf may barely be able to do, but its cutting it too close. With a lack of electric charging stations, I need the Volt's gas powered electric engine in order to avoid range anxiety.

Volt is a terrific idea. I've been ready to buy for years, as this blog will attest. Come on, GM! Lets ramp up the rollout! Customers are waiting.

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