Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The old Mercury Mountaineer is still my main ride. I think the mileage is getting worse, or maybe it just seems that way because the price of gas keeps going up.
Whatever it is, I'm still dreaming of getting my GM Chevy Volt.  I know GM has some large sunk costs into the Volt electric car, but I'm having trouble overcoming two issues:

First, the cost.  For me as a consumer, the cost is about $10,000 out of reach. I know that there are tax rebates, but... it feels like they've jacked up the price of the car so that they are effectively usurping the rebate.  I know... billions in sunk costs, yadda yadda.  But  I have a family to feed, a mortgage to pay.  Before I can drive a Chevy Volt, I first need to afford one.  And right now, as badly I as I want one, I can't afford it.

Second, there is the uncertainty over the battery. I understand it will cost more than $10,000 to replace the battery if something happens to it.  Eventually, it will need to be replaced.  So that cost is out there no matter what. I wish I could amortize the cost of the replacement battery, perhaps by buying a warranty of some kind.  For a car as expensive as the Chevy Volt, this is an extra cost burden I'm not excited to bear.

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Meanwhile, life here goes on. I'm stuck driving my gas guzzler for now, but I'm hoping the Chevy Volt will eventually reach some kind of threshold where it makes sense for GM to sell it for about $30k.

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