Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wiping out Waste with Recycled Toilet Paper

A month ago, I got my wife to agree to a grand experiment: substituting recycled toilet paper for our usual cushy-tushy Charmin and Northern brands. We wanted a tissue paper that deflected waste from landfills by using 100% recycled fibers. Our other requirement is that they do not use enivironment-damaging bleaching processes.

I did a bit of research and zeroed in on three brands: 7th Generation, Atlantic and Green Forest.

The first paper we tried was 7th Generation. Immediately the kids complained. By day three, I was eating standing up. I donated the rest of this packet to the local homeless shelter, and even they threw it away after a couple of days. It's just too hard, (and not absorbant enough, just sort of pushes stuff around...). Now I know why the 6th generation handed it down to the 7th. I wanted to like this stuff, but I physically couldn't. There are simply better choices on the market. To their credit, they did not use plastic wrapping. I will look forward to trying them again at a future date to see if they have improved.

Next on the spool was Green Forest. It was quite comfortable. I could live with this TP. But it is a bit thin, and sometimes the fingers go through it, and well.... you know. Too soft. If you use this tissue, be sure to have plenty of liquid soap by the sink. Their plastic wrapping isn't in keeping with their environmental image.

Then we discovered Atlantic 100% recycled toiletpaper at Menard's, a discount DIY store. It is not sold anywhere else in our area that I know of. I also bought their recycled paper towels (we try to not to use paper towels, but with kids in the house and a dog that likes to poop in the living room, its just to hard not to have them on hand).

Atlantic bathroom tissue paper has the balance that we are looking for: it is as comfortable, and more durable than Green Forest. They do need to change their plastic packaging, however.

We have a winner: Atlantic 100% recycled bathroom tissue paper. Atlantic is an overall excellent recycled tissue for both strength and comfort. It's more than an adequate replacement for the sissy brands, and comes highly endorsed by our spoiled butts.